Andalusia patents an intelligent system for dispensing medication to patients more safely


Andalusia has patented an intelligent system for dispensing medicines and consumables in hospitals, under the trade name ‘iPharma’, which has been developed by researchers at the Hospital of Granada, the Institute of biomedical research of Granada (ibs.Granada) and Andalusian ‘spin off’ Naranjo Intelligent Solutions (NIS).

This technological solution R & D + i is “a step forward in terms of safety and efficiency in the administration of drugs to patients”, as stated by the Minister of Health, Aquilino Alonso during his visit to the Pharmacy Unit of the Hospital San Cecilio of Granada, which has driven the innovative based on artificial intelligence. Enabling better distribution and management control of medicines in hospitals, which is one of the key processes in the hospital pharmacy services model, as it’s required to follow a procedure for optimum efficiency to ensure that each patient receives the correct drug in the prescribed dose, the appropriate route and at the right time.

For this, the ‘iPharma’ system consists of some electronic devices, which are placed in the boxes of medication of patients, and software that uses artificial intelligence. From the prescription the system identifies both the drug and the patient that should receive it and the pharmacy technician receives an audio order that indicates the number of doses needed. This information is recorded electronically and computerizes a process hitherto performed manually.

During 2015, the new system has been piloted in the Internal Medicine Unit of the University Hospital of Granada.

During this trial period it has been found that the dispensing system minimizes errors and increases patient safety, computerizing the procedure and preventing medication from being deposited in a location where it doesn’t belong; optimizes the time of preparation of drugs unidose carts; and improves ergonomics in the workplace at the validation performed at the same time when medication is deposited.

It has also been verified that the new technology facilitates the replacement of the drugs since the unit hospital pharmacy is aware of the amount and timing when a drug must be restocked, allowing for the continuous monitoring of stock and avoiding the lack of a particular drug.

Another advantage is that professionals gain agility in the process of preparing drugs, as it reduces the time spent on tasks and dispensing, creating a positive impact on a reduction in costs arising from errors in dispensing , administration and breakage of drug stock.


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